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3 Masterclasses Prana Vinyasa yoga with Daphne Koken

Friday December 9, 12:00-14:30: Ignite your Fire - solar pathways of flow

Allow yourself to tap into your inner power and move into hip opening and hand balancing poses from a place of curiosity and joy.

Join Daphne for a playful and energizing vinyasa practice that invites you to ignite your inner fire of inspiration. We will start with a mudra meditation for strength and stability, followed by an empowering hip opening vinyasa sequence that will offer you a sense of rootedness within yourself.


As we build up strength, we prepare our bodies to flow into poses from a place of effortlessness. Come and enjoy the power of Prana Vinyasa in a fun and playful way.

All levels welcome!

Saturday December 10, 10-12:30h: Mandala Vinyasa - circular pathways of flow

Let's move around in the mandala and connect with a sense of freedom during this heart opening Prana vinyasa masterclass.

This creative mandala practice will take you around in circles on your yogamat, inviting you to experience freedom, without losing a sense of stability. We will connect with the cycles of Nature, embodying the natural flow of Prana, while flowing on the rythm of our breath.

Daphne will gradually guide you deeper into heart opening backbends in a natural and safe way. Allow yourself to connect with your fluid body while cultivating freedom of movement and enjoy the flow of life.

All levels welcome!

Sunday December 11, 10:00-12:30h: Slow Flow Vinyasa - gentle pathways of flow

Let's take it slow on Sunday morning!

Come join Daphne for a nourishing, gentle vinyasa practice that will invite you to slow down and relax. On this Sunday morning we will turn our senses inward, while connecting with our breath in a more subtle and refined way.
We will move into a meditative, juicy vinyasa flow that allows you to dive into your inner realm, exploring your body, breath and mind from a place of clarity.

Come and enjoy a intuitive and rhythmic flow that supports you in a way that is soothing and nourishing on a deep level.

All levels welcome!

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