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Teacher Training: creative and smart sequencing


A deeper understanding of 'vinyasa krama' as an intelligent system by Daphne Koken.

Learn to create sequences that feel effortless yet empowering, nourishing yet energizing, creative yet logical. Invite your students to experience the magic of intelligent sequences that open the body to the flow of prana, life energy.

During this teacher intensive we will move through different vinyasa yoga sequences, based on groups (or families) of asanas that open the body in specific ways. You will learn to observe the key actions and energetic alignment of these asanas in their different kramas (steps), from simple to complex.

After analysing the poses from an anatomical and energetic point of view, we will look at different ways of weaving these poses into a smart and creative flow. We will explore different ways to move around on the mat and we will look at more solar (energizing) versus more lunar (nourishing) ways of sequencing.

In order to get a deeper feeling of the (endless!) possibilities and to choose pathways that feel safe and well balanced, we will study the definition and meaning of vinyasa and we will go through the six sequenscing rules that are the roots of every vinyasa sequence.

This teacher intensive is an great way to deepen your sequencing skills after your 200 hrs (vinyasa) teacher training. Expect to spend lots of time on your mat practicing, analyzing, playing and teaching!

Course Essentials:

  • 3 Embodiment practices (2,5 hrs creative, smart and fun vinyasa practices): solar, lunar and madala variations

  • Definition and meaning of vinyasa

  • Sequencing principles, building blocks & the art of sequencing

  • Exploration of different pathways of flow (linear and madala sequencing)

  • Thorough analyses of embodiment practices (key actions and kramas of (family) poses, anatomy, energetic alignment)

  • Modifications of sequences for beginners/more advanced students and for students with injuries/restrictions

  • Teaching skills and teaching labs


Costs €345, incl btw (€285 excl btw)

Dates: Friday December 9, Saturday December 10, Sunday December 11.

Read more about Daphne Koken here

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