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I have been a Vinyasa Yoga teacher for more than two years. It’s my favorite yoga style because it allows me to stay creative when sequencing a class, it gives a lot of room for changes and variations and therefore, the class can be easily adapted to your needs. 


During my classes you can expect to practice mindful movements and body awareness. I like to keep my classes fun and to leave room for a challenge.  I am looking forward to get to know you and assist your yoga practice!


 See you on the mat! 


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About Kasia


My name is Kasia and I have been passionate about yoga for around 8 years but it was 4 years ago when I decided that I want to teach yoga to share with you the multitude of benefits that yoga has to offer to our bodies, minds and spirits.


I completed a multi-style 200h Yoga Teacher Training in January 2019 in Goa, India.


Yoga appeared in my life when I needed it the most; I was going through a stressful and overwhelming period of time during high school. I was struggling with managing my stress levels, my hormones, my emotions. On top of that I didn't have a positive relationship with my body. 


Practicing yoga  has brought peace into my mind and acceptance for my body and for who I am right now in this very moment. Yoga has changed my mindset and has brought many positive and long-lasting changes into my life.


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