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Refreshing carrot-apple-orange-ginger salad with pomegranate

Hi yogis, I hope you are all doing well and healthy!

I guess most of you do not know that besides sports, I have a passion for cooking (and eating of course). ;)

Since I cannot teach, but still wanted to share something nice, here a recipe for a refreshing salad. I hope to see you all again soon back at Aruna! Until then, take good care! <3

Let me know how you like it and feel free to check out my blog for some more recipes:

Love, Hong


This refreshing, fruity salad is perfect for sunny days and super fast to prepare. It's ready in only 5 minutes (the time for peeling the pomegranate is not included, I pre-peeled them this time. ;)

Long story short - Here is the recipe:

Ingredients for 2 portions:

- 3 big carrots

- 1 apple

- 1 orange

- a handful pre-peeled pomegranate

- some fresh mint leaves

- some fresh ginger

For the dressing:

- 3 tbsps virgin olive oil

- 4 tbsps apple vinegar or balsamico

- 1/2 fresh lime

- 2 tbsps honey or agave syrup


1.) In a big bowl, grate the carrots, the apple and some ginger

2.) Cut the orange to small pieces and add them to the bowl

3.) Add all other ingredients to the big bowl and mix well

4.) Squeeze the lime in a small bowl and add all ingredients for the dressing, mix well

5.) Add the dressing to the salad and enjoy the fruity deliciousness with friend, family, or just by yourself! ;)

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