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Over Ayşe


I'm really excited to share a bit about myself and how yoga has become such a meaningful part of my life. My name is Ayşe. I grew up in a small city near Dortmund and in 2015, I packed my bags and headed to Maastricht to dive into the fascinating world of psychology and neuroscience.

But let me tell you, my adventures didn't stop there!

Along the way, I've been incredibly lucky to explore some jaw-dropping places like Colombia, Myanmar, Sumatra, and Turkey. Each journey has added a sprinkle of magic to my life and deepened my appreciation for the world.

Fast forward to 2021, destiny worked its magic again. I crossed paths with an incredible person who became my travel partner and soulmate all in one. Together, we decided to embark on a wild ride to Thailand. And guess what? That's where the real yoga magic happened!

Under the incredible guidance of Valerie Jeremijenko, I completed a

200-hour teacher training program. Valerie poured her heart and soul into teaching me everything I know about yoga. It was such an honor to soak up her wisdom and guidance.

But here's the best part - just a few months later, I found myself leading yin and vinyasa classes in Valerie's beautiful Shala in the heavenly Koh Phangan.

Me, sharing my love for yoga with other amazing souls in a paradise.

Look here at the schedule when Ayşe is teaching.

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