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Welcome at the yoga!

A trial class is free.

You can easily subscribe as new yogi and book your trial class online:






If you prefer, you can also send an email or give a call: or +31615151180.


Information when you want to start with yoga

Yoga has no levels; you can always start.

We recommend to start with hatha yoga, gentle flow yoga or vinyasa yoga.

Hatha yoga is for people of all ages and when you look for a calm style of yoga; vinyasa yoga is more intense and sporty. Gentle flow yoga is between those two. 

Your choice can also depend on your age, condition, or just on what feels good for you now. There are yogis who prefer one style; others alternate.


We offer many classes in English. Actually, more then half of all classes are in English. If you do not understand dutch, the classes in English are of course easier to follow; however, if you have some experience with yoga you can try a dutch class too (and learn some dutch at the same time).


When you are unsure about an injury that you have, inform the teacher. He or she can give an alterative posture.


What to bring to the studio:

If you have your own mat, please bring it. If not, no problem, we have extra mats in the studio. 

Wear comfortable clothes. You can change in the studio if you want.


If you have questions, do not hesitate to send a mail or give a call to Tanja: or +31615151180.

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