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One trial class is free!

After that you can either choose a monthly subscription, or a 10-class-card.

monthly subscription is either for 5 classes a month, or unlimited. It can be stopped after every month.

10-class-card is valid one year.

 Of course you can also pay for a seperate class.

  • monthly subscription for one class per week (max 5 classes a month) €37,00. You can arrange the classes per month as you wish within the month.

  • monthly subscription for unlimited yoga €62,00

  • class card 10 classes €112

  • one class €15

  • trial class €0

Reduced prices for students:

  • monthly subscription for one class per week (maximum 5 classes per month) €32,00. You can arrange the classes as you wish within the month.​​

•     monthly subscription unlimited €51

•     class card 10 classes €85,00


A monthly subscription goes on from one month to the next automatically.

You can stop your subscription after every month. In case you want to stop the subscription, send an email at least one week before the end of that month.


Aruna Maastricht is connected to BenVitaal: when your employer is linked to BenVitaal too, you can let your employer pay the yoga classes from your gross salary; that saves about 40% on your subscription. Ask your employer or salary administration for more information.


 Pregnancy yoga:

​You can follow these classes with a normal monthly subscription or 10-class-card.

We recommend the 10-class-card, as there is only 1 pregnancy yoga class every week, so when you are ot there one week, you will miss the class.

As we are a registered yogaschool, your health insurance will pay you a part of the costs for pregnancy yoga; at the moment that is €100. I will make you an invoice so you get that money back. Ask your insurance about tyheir rules... mostly it is only possible when you have a 'aanvullende verzekering' (additional insurance).


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