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Practical information

Yoga in the studio

  • Please bring your own yogamat. If you don't have one, we have a few spare ones in the studio.

  • Clothes: comfortable clothes, no shoes (socks or bare feet is both possible). You can change in the studio if needed.


  • Parking is possible in the street, in front of the studio. After 18h parking is free (except on Thursday nights). Free parking during the day is possible at the Albert Heijn on the Koningsplein (3 mins walk, maximum 2 hrs).

  • There is a bicycle stand in front of the studio.

Online classes

  • All classes can  also to be followed online via Zoom. 

  • When you subscribe to the class you get the link from Zoom half an hour before the class per email.

  • When you subribe less then half an hour before the class, you missed the email with the link, but no worries: when you book, you can immediately click on 'go to online class'.

Yoga in the park

  • With good weather, we teach yoga classes in the park. Bring your own mat! The park is in the area of town called Limmel. The entrance to the park is at the end of the Masadastraat. It is very quiet and peaceful there, with lots of space, and big trees for shade when needed.

  • All info on yoga in the park


Classes in general

  • With a class card as well as with a monthly subscription, you can come on the day and time that suits you. So you don’t have to choose a fixed time every week. Sign in for a class via the website or via the Momoyoga app.

  • With a monthly subscription you can organize your classes as you wish within the same month. So if you are not able to come one week, you come twice in another week in the same month.

  • Sign in for a class via your Momoyoga account. This is possible via the browser or via the app. You can turn up without signing in, but chances are that the class is full.

  • For new yogis click on ‘new yogi’ and you can book a trial class on the day and time that suits you. Or send me an email:

  • When you have you signed in and you are unexpectedly not able to come, you can unsubscribe again until the class starts. This also via your Momoyoga account.

  • You can stop your subscription every month. This you cannot organize in Momoyoga yourself; write me an email that you want to stop your subscription at least one week before the month of your subscription ends; then it will be cancelled before the next month starts. 

Information when you want to start with yoga

A trial class is free; subscribe as new yogi or send an email or give a call!

We recommened to start with hatha yoga, gentle flow yoga or vinyasa yoga. Hatha yoga is for people of all ages and when you look for a calm form of yoga; vinyasa yoga is more intense, faster and sporty.

Your choice will also depend on your age, condition, or just on what feels good for now. There are yogis who prefer one style; others alternate.

Half of the classes are in dutch. If you do not understand dutch, the classes in English are of course easier to follow; however, if you have some experience with yoga you can try a dutch class too (and learn some dutch at the same time).

When you are unsure about an injury that you have, inform the teacher. He or she can give an alterative posture.


Yoga has no levels; you can always start.


If you have your own mat, please bring it. If not, no problem, we have extra mats in the studio.

Wear comfortable clothes. You can change in the studio if you want.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to send a mail or give a call to Tanja: or +31615151180.


Company details

Aruna Maastricht

Frankenstraat 122

6224 GS Maastricht

tel +31 615151180


bank account (IBAN) 

NL14KNAB0259783889 in the name of Aruna Maastricht.

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