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Lou Kings

About Lou
For the last two years I dived into the realms of yoga and its’ philosophy. For every single of those days to find a deeper, more connected, calmer version of myself, constantly unfolding more. Such evolving does not come easy, it takes time, energy & effort. But let me tell you, it is so much worth it. Now, there is nothing left but to create opportunities for others to begin their own trajectory. To access the space within. To lend you the ability to explore for yourself the powers of movement, the sight within, your breath, daily exercise, concentration and contemplation. 

We will do Hatha/Vinyasa Classes of which the latter is an energetic flow of movement connected with your breath. In Hatha sequences we explore the in depth encounter with more complex poses and the channeling of energy. We will meditate and do breathing exercises. We will do guided relaxations. We will fall a lot. We will stand up a lot. We will smile a lot.
And don’t forget, Yoga is for Everyone. I am there to guide you & we will make you grow. Thats my promise to you. 

Let the Process Begin!
My classes:
Thursday 19:15 hatha
Saturday 9:30 vinyasa
Saturday 10:45 hatha