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Online yoga classes

Yoga online: Live classes via Zoom

  • All classes can also be followed online via Zoom. We do our best for the best audio and video quality!

  • Install Zoom, the is free. On your smartphone or tablet via the app-store or Google-Play; on your computer via

  • When you book an online class you will get the link to that class half an hour in advance. 

  • 10 miuntes before the class starts the online studio will open. You will be admitted from the waiting room.

  • Is there a problem with the link or something else? Send me an app or email BEFORE the class starts :-)

We have more then 60 movies on our YouTube channel! However, most of them are in dutch. 

Go for the playlist 'classes is English' or just try one in dutch!


Yoga online: lessen op YouTube
Put down your mat and join online!
Yoga connects, also online.
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