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As both a teacher and a student, my main focus is listening to one’s own body. While I love to take up the guiding role that comes with teaching yoga, I always emphasize that the students should really listen to their needs and how they can be met in my lessons. I do this by combining breath work, mindfulness, and slow movements. 


My Mantra: 

I am pure peace. I am pure light. I am pure love.

About Paloma



My name is Paloma, and I am very grateful to be teaching you!


I have always been very connected to nature and to myself, and found that yoga allowed me to deepen that connection in a very tangible manner. After a few years of self-practice, I decided to do a 200-hour Hatha Teacher Training in Austria, Vienna. After that, I did a work exchange in Colombia, where I taught in 2 hotels for a bit while constantly being in nature. I then took up yoga again in the form of women’s circles with my friends, and also gave sessions in the Stadspark in Maastricht. During all those years, I was able to embark more on my spiritual journey and connect to my indigenous roots, some aspects which I am always willing to share in lessons. 


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