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Over Vera


My name is Vera and I just moved to Maastricht to study Psychology and Neurosciences. My passion for yoga is deep seeded in the belief that is a powerful practice to find home inside ourself; a beautiful tool for self-discovery and self-regulation. I believe that connecting to our body, mind and inner self lead us to more self-awareness and wellbeing. While I have spent the last years travelling a lot, my yoga practice is always been my safe nurturing place to come back to. In my classes, I aim to guide people tap into their inner strength and pause from the chaos of the outside world, I like to create awareness around sensation and feelings that might arise in each pose and create a safe space for all to unwind. 

But here's the best part - just a few months later, I found myself leading yin and vinyasa classes in Valerie's beautiful Shala in the heavenly Koh Phangan.

Me, sharing my love for yoga with other amazing souls in a paradise.

Look here at the schedule when Vera is teaching.

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