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Workshops & Specials


Friday February 24, 12:00-20:00h: Teacher Training: Hands on assists with Daphne. Book here

It takes skill, confidence and practice to assist your students with hands on techniques while teaching a class. The only way to really learn and become more confident is to DO it! So come practice and play with us and improve your assisting skills. During this training we will be offering the basic principles of hands on assisting and apply them to the flow of surya namaskar A & B. We will dive deeper into the energetics, key actions ond common misalignment of poses and their modifictations. So expect a great combination of asana technique and hands on assists!


Sunday March 5, 12:00 - 13:30h: Mom and Baby yoga with Stephanie. Book here

Join us for this special mom and baby class! We will explore gentle movement while engaging with our babies. It’s totally fine to (breast)feed during class or take extra time to comfort your baby. This class is for fun and exploration. For babes from 8 weeks to one year old. What to bring: -blanket to cover the cushions and mat for the baby (thick enough to catch spit up) -a cloth to cover the mat/pillows for baby -water -yoga mat (there are also some that can be borrowed in studio) -baby food, diapers, wipes etc. -optional: small toy for baby.


Saturday March 11, 12:30-14:00h: Workshop Sun Salutations with Stephanie. Book here


Friday March 24, 18:30-20:00h: Workshop arm balances with Beatriz. Book here​​​​​​

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